It’s the start of February and I am getting ready to compete in a competition THE BATTLE OF THE BEST! To be honest I try a competition every year in our city and it always turns out the same… I LOSE! Why? Because the rules change. They always scream about talent but really the competition is about who brings more people, and to be honest THAT’S BULLSHIT! Yep I said it! Every moment I touch that stage, I come with my sweat, blood, and tears to be the best ever! But can never win a competition here, but when I went to Louisville and they were having a competition there as well I signed up, paid my little $30, then walked out with $1,000. I was finally judged off my talent. That same year, I was in another competition in Cincinnati, THE URBAN IDOL, I really hate being judged by people who haven’t hit higher levels in this city, but it is what it is. I had fought my hardest, then it turned to something else. Last competition was about bringing people, NOT talent. I had a camera there filming the whole show, regardless how hard I danced, or did my thing I still lost! That night, I went home truly pissed but I took the footage, edited up, and put it out on television. That’s when I found out the results. People came up to me… black, white, anybody of any race who saw that felt I was cheated and I was an amazing performer and to never let what happened discourage me. That following year, I went to Louisville again, this time I brought CDs and start passing them around in a club. That night, they were having a competition to perform in front of KOCH records in 2 months, but you have to win the lottery they were having in other words we had to pull numbers out of a hat to stay there, and when they called your number you had 5 minutes to perform and the person who won that night got $200 and got a chance to perform in front of KOCH records! I didn’t get a number that night. The next following week, I went back to Louisville and this time my number was called, my number was 5, the judges were DJ’s from the local radio stations, Louisville has 3 of them that play hip hop and r&b. The moment I got on stage, I brought it like I never did at that time, when I was down the crowd cheers made me smile and almost cry at the same time. Once the show was over, it was time for the judging to begin. Out of everybody, I came in second place. At that time I was really pissed but it was up to the judges not me. As I was leaving, a female who was a DJ and one of the judges stopped me and said she wanted to talk. Even though I was pissed I had to be professional. She offered to buy me a drink and we sat down and talked. She told me I was great performing, way better then the guys that won first place, but this competition was for their local artist, and they have really been about supporting them. When she told me that I had a clear understanding on something that has never been giving to me in my own hometown. RESPECT!

Ya see, Cincinnati hip hop is killing it’s own self with greed and stupidity. I don’t know if I will win this competition or not, or if it will be the same thing it has always been about… the artist that brings more people or the artist that brings more talent. All that I know is all those who are on stage are my competition and when I come I go hard! I really hope those who run competitions in our city look at the big picture and change, if not that’s fine, Cincinnati hip hop will always be where it’s at… in CINCINNATI!

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